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In recruiting Filipino workers from the Philippines, there are prerequisites or documents to be accomplished and to be used as a basis for determining the authenticity and financial capability of the recruiting Principal/Employer. Documents such as:

1.) Original copy of Special Power of Attorney (SPA) - appointing JAO International Manpower Services. to be the Principal’s lawful and legal agency in the Philippines duly signed by the authorized signatory of the sample here

2.) Original copy of Job Order/Manpower Request - by itemized Categories, Number of Workers required and Salary. download sample here

3.) Original/Authenticated copy of Company’s Master Employment Contract. download sample here

4.) Recruitment Agreement - an agreement between the principal and the recruitment agency about the recruitment and deployment of workers. download sample here

5.) Photocopy of valid company Commercial Business License/Registration

NOTE: Item numbers 1 to 3, must be typed in a company letterhead with company stamp and must be authenticated/verified at the nearest Philippine Embassy or Consulate/POLO.

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